Project FAQ's 

How many books and other materials will be in the new one?

The staff anticipates using available Trust Fund resources to initially increase the collection by more than 3,000 physical materials (about 30% more than we currently have). There is also space to expand that even more over time. 

The plan, if the library were to pass, would be to weed through our current collection based on our Collection Development Policy to make sure we are only moving the best of the collection to the new site to help reduce moving costs and keep shelves open for new books. There are four Trust Funds held by the Town Trustees earmarked for the purchase of “library books only.” This includes $59,000 in available funds for “books” with an additional $31,000 for “library use”. The Library Trustees will request the release of these funds to start the process of filling the shelves with new books. The current library has always lacked the space for a true core collection in all areas but especially Adult Non Fiction, Adult Classics, Adult Fiction Series,Young Adult Fiction and Children’s Picture Books. A plan to spend a portion of these Trust Funds annually to greatly enhance the current materials budget will expand the collection quickly without the burden falling on the taxpayer.

Does the new library provide computers for public usage?

Yes! The new library will provide computers for public usage as well as several Adult and Young Adult desk stations where patrons can use their own computers while taking advantage of the free WiFi. 

Can you tell me more about the Community Room and its role in the new library?

The Community Room was primarily designed for daily library programs and activities, as well as meetings and gatherings of town organizations, but it will also be available for other purposes when scheduling allows. The Library Trustees will adopt a Meeting Room Use Policy to assure it is clear how and when it can be used. 

The space can hold a maximum of 75 patrons when arranged classroom style. Residents of the  community will initially be able to reserve this space by scheduling with library staff. The long term goal is to utilize scheduling software to make this process seamless. The design of this space allows access both from inside the library and from a second access point directly to the outside. This allows the Community Room to be used  during regular library hours as well as allowing events and meetings to be held when the library is closed without requiring library staff to be present. 

Expenses such as cleaning normally falls under the responsibility of the Daland Trust (at no cost to the town ), however,  the Meeting Room Use Policy will address any special requirements associated with this unique space including cleaning requirements and opening/closing procedures.

Are Landscaping costs included in the project cost?

Yes, necessary landscaping costs are included. The current 2024 proposal includes a revised landscaping package. 

Does the estimated cost include furnishing the new building? What furnishings are included?


 The 'soft costs' portion of the project cost includes an allowance to cover the purchase of all furnishings.

The project covers all of the costs necessary to make the library a reality. The project bid from the construction management firm includes the site work, and the building itself - including all fixtures and fittings. The 'soft costs' portion of the project cost,held by the Town,includes an allowance to cover the purchase of all furnishings. Additionally, both the Town (within the 'soft costs') and the selected construction management firm are holding contingency funding to cover any unforeseen costs. As we have mentioned in other questions there are also Trust Funds held by the Trustee of the Trust Funds that will allow for the purchase of books and technology at no cost to the town.

How much of project funds are allocated for unforeseen costs, i.e., what is the contingency budget for the building, and the other project needs?

The Construction Manager is carrying a contingency of $310K, and an additional $195K is being held in the town soft costs, for a total of $505K (or 10% of the construction cost) in contingencies.  

Has Turnstone Corporation provided any documentation that shows their ability to come in on or near budget on similarly sized projects? 

Turnstone Corporation, our contracted construction management firm, provided information from several past clients as references who could speak to their ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. All their references give glowing reviews of their experience working with Turnstone. In at least one case, Turnstone came in under budget and returned money to the client. 

Turnstone has worked extensively with the Library Building Committee in the past year by offering alternatives to help lower the project cost. This allowed us to weather the escalation of material costs as well as the inclusion of a sprinkler system, all without significantly increasing the overall cost of the project. Turnstone volunteered these efforts despite having received no payment to date, or guarantee that the project will come to fruition. The dedication they have already shown to the project gives us great confidence that they will continue to work with us to maintain the bottom line. 

As unforeseen circumstances can arise in construction, Turnstone’s pricing includes a contingency allowance. Any unused contingency funds will be returned at project completion. The LBC has also reserved a separate contingency in the Soft Costs to further ensure that no additional costs will fall upon the taxpayer.